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Erin Casey

Reveal Wholeness



All of you -
The Wholeness of your being:

The scared, the true, the light, the love, the anger, sadness, rage, beauty, and delight!

The pleasure.

The pleasure that is hiding, waiting to come out.

The shame that is preventing more pleasure and aliveness...

Welcome it all.

When we don't feel welcome, we hide, and sometimes we don't know how to be revealed in a way that feels nourishing, safe, clear and in integrity with our values, our soul, our truth. We end up hiding our truth from ourselves, leading to us not knowing who we are or what we desire. Or leading to us seeking what we desire in covert, shadowy ways.

I'm here to offer a space to open up, to feel seen and heard, to feel nourished, to explore what is true for you, and to embody that fully. A space to practice being present and being fully you.



Reveal Wholeness

We are already whole - covered up by challenging experiences which we could not digest. Without integration, trauma and self-criticism can run our lives.

All of those traumatic experiences and dissonant voices have a purpose and place. A primary goal of Family Constellations, one of the modalities I practice, is to give everything and everyone a place at the table, including the darkness and the light - to find integration, wholeness, and Love. Not romantic attachment love, but pure unconditional Love: that energy that permeates and sustains all of life. The energy that has us continue growing, trying, learning, healing, amongst all the chaos and tumult. The energy that has us actually secretly - or for some of us, obviously - enjoying the chaos and tumult.

What if we could find our breath within the challenge?

And experience the awe of the sheer magnitude of it?

What if we could see the gifts and the beauty of those who oppress us, and honor the challenges they faced before?

What if we could find our own true ground, where we feel stable and embodied in our knowing? And clarity of voice, connected to an open heart, so that we may express ourselves earnestly and with ease.

Many of us have habitually closed off parts of ourselves - we don't fully settle and relax into our ground, our root, our knowing. We guard our hearts. We restrict our voices and mask our words.

There have been good reasons for this, and it is time for something different.

I am here to offer support for you to find your inner knowing, to ground into your truth. Support to find resilience and stability for your heart to open with grace. Support to find the pathways to express what is true for you and to connect deeply to those you love.

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Holistic Pelvic Care

A hands-on modality for women developed by Tami Lynn Kent to release trauma, tension and pain from the pelvis and body overall. Includes touch, visualization, inquiry, and energy healing.

Intimacy Coaching

Somatic coaching to help you access the relationships and physical intimacy you desire. Learn healthy boundaries and communication, become more fully embodied, and learn how to deepen in emotional and physical intimacy with another.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

A hands-on modality to connect to Source and access your inherent health. Unwind tension in the mind, body and energy field, and find greater coherence through your whole being.

Integrative Bodywork

Massage and intuitive energy healing to support deeper embodiment, clearing old patterns and releasing trauma. Recommended in combination with other modalities.

Family Constellations

An intuitive, mystical process to see and heal ancestral trauma for the purpose of transforming something in ourselves.

Intuitive Paintings

Paintings that bring to light what needs to be seen. I get intuitive hits as I'm painting, and you receive a beautiful piece of art to reflect yourself and support you in your journey. Click here for more information.

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