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A story of my path through the healing arts...

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My Story

I started doing massage in 2012, drawn to a career of working with my hands and helping people feel good. It felt natural.


Then I was drawn to learn Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy for three reasons. One of my massage teachers told a story of helping his daughter heal from a traumatic birth. He did craniosacral therapy with her as a newborn and completely reformed her head. I was intrigued by the power of subtle touch.


Another reason was my desire to increase my capacity to sense subtle layers. Working solely with the physical body through the skin, fascia and muscles wasn't enough for me. I wanted to connect more intentionally with the energy body.


And third, I was drawn to Source, or God. I grew up mildly Catholic (going to church a few times a year), then decided I was agnostic in my early 20s, but after doing some personal healing work through massage, acupuncture and other modalities, I began to open to the possibility of God, now on my own terms, not connected to the dogma of the Church. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a modality that connects to the life force energy that moves through all beings, and to the source of that energy.

In this training, which was far more than a simple craniosacral modality, we learned in-depth about the autonomic nervous system. I realized as we were discussing the freeze response that I was not "ok" as a child when my parents divorced, but I was in a nervous system overwhelm, and my coping strategy was to fawn and freeze. Ever since this training I've been intentionally unthawing all the layers of me, through somatic coaching, massage, energy healing, authentic relating, family constellations, working out, dancing, painting, etc.

My desire is to fully live, not to shrink and hide from the world. To know, embody and express myself fully, in a way that supports myself and those I connect with (which I believe is ultimately every being in the Universe, as I believe we are all connected). I desire to love and embody my whole self - the dark and the light, the easeful and the challenging, the shameful and the shameless. And I desire to recognize, respect and flow with grace through the natural rhythms of life - opening and closing, activity and rest, birth through death.


It's not been an easy path. There are moments when I wish I could be satisfied with eating anything I want and watching TV for hours. But for me, at this point in my life, that would be numbing out. And sometimes I still do numb out. Sometimes the pain of honesty, intimacy and growth is too uncomfortable, so I eat cookies, or any other carby food of the moment. But what I deeply long for is for my whole self to feel welcome and expressed, and to connect in deep, nourishing, joyful ways to many loved ones around me. For me, that's required patience, introspection, messing up, repairing, a sense of humor, and a wide range of healing modalities.

In 2023 I completed a training with Tami Lynn Kent for Holistic Pelvic Care, and I'm currently working my way through certification with Somatica Institute for Sex and Relationship Coaching. I felt the call to work in these fields years ago, and this is some of the deepest healing work I can imagine, as many of my wounds are in these areas. It seems vulnerable just to name that to the broader public. This work requires deeper vulnerability, honesty and integrity with both myself and my clients. All of this work requires attunement, following the pace that's most supportive, clear communication, and healthy boundaries, and I'm grateful for the foundation of massage, craniosacral therapy and nervous system re-wiring to support me in this deeper work.

Take a look at my offerings here.

My Training

Holistic Pelvic Care, April '23, Tami Lynn Kent

  • Massage, energy healing and coaching for women to heal tension, trauma and pain in the pelvis and throughout the body. Modality developed by Tami Lynn Kent.

Somatica® Method, October '22 - March '24, Somatica Institute

  • Somatic coaching and intimacy practice to develop healthy relationships with self and others.


Family Constellations, June - December '22, Jack Blackwell

  • Group and 1:1 processes to see and heal past trauma in order to heal current wounds

De-Armoring, January '19, Aaron Michael and Alicia Patterson

  • Releasing armoring (tension) through breathwork, movement, toning and touch, including self-contact and working with others. Emphasis on neck, heart, abdomen and pelvis.

Courting Your Medicine & Courting Soul Tribe, June '18 - May '19, Sweigh Spilkin & Katie Asmus

  • A deep-dive into ceremonial arts and healing, discovering our unique soul paths and unearthing our medicine for the world.

Access Consciousness, November - December '17, Katherine McIntosh

  • 16 hours of training in Access Bars and intuitive energy healing

Polarity Life Coaching, April '16 - January '17, Colorado School of Energy Studies

  • 135 hours of training in Somatic Coaching with Anna Chitty

  • Included training in Somatic Experiencing, Polarity Two-chair, mindfulness and awareness practices

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, September '14 - May '16, Colorado School of Energy Studies

  • 728 hours of training with John and Anna Chitty

  • 28 hours training in working with babies

  • Focus on nervous system regulation and a deep listening to the body for optimal healing

Shakti Spirit Weaving Apprenticeship, May '16 - July '16, Naomi Love, Wise Womb Medicine Path

  • 80 hours of training in earth-centered healing, personal development and healing the divine feminine

  • Focus on breast and womb massage to heal trauma, pain, infertility, and increase pleasure and safety

  • Included self-care practices & Taoist energy work

Massage Therapy, April 2012 - May 2013, Boulder College of Massage Therapy

  • 1,127 hours including these modalities:

    • Swedish massage

    • Zen shiatsu

    • Neuromuscular therapy

    • Intuitive & Integrative bodywork

    • Quantum cranial

    • Phenomenal Touch

    • Seated/Chair massage

    • Animal massage

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