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What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Spaciousness, presence, attunement, listening, allowing, unwinding, aligning to Health.

I sit with you in presence, in my center and ground, and attune to you, your body, your energy field, and sense where the right relationship is - that is, where physically and energetically you can settle and be at ease in my presence. Then I continue to listen to what is presenting in your system - physically, emotionally, energetically, etc. And I allow it to unwind. Though my hands are still and the touch is light, this is not me doing nothing.

This is giving your body, nervous system, mind, etc, space to be heard, appreciated, seen, and loved, so that it can settle and unwind. When the right conditions are present, the body heals itself. I don't need to push it around, although some pushing - that is, some rocking, compression, & other massage techniques - may be used at first in order for the body, mind, nervous system to settle, so that you're more receptive to the subtle work of craniosacral therapy. I may offer some guidance of somatic coaching as well to help you settle. When you're relaxed, at ease, and receptive, and I'm attuned to you, the light touch of this work is highly effective.

Some of the work of craniosacral therapy is physical - I hold specific areas of the body and head with attention to the bones, fluids and other structures, sense how they're moving, and assist them in realigning to health. The bones of the skull and body actually do move in a slow, subtle way, even as we lay still. And some of the work is more energetic - intuitively sensing what emotions and other layers are present, and again allowing what's there to have space to breath, be witnessed, appreciated, and shift in it's own timing.

Person receiving craniosacral therapy

I recommend receiving several sessions close together for greater results at first - 1-2x/week for several weeks. You will likely notice greater coherence throughout your life as you access more coherence within - more ease with home organization, clarity of mind and direction, better sleep, less mood swings, more flow. It can relieve physical and emotional pain, release trauma, and regulate the nervous system. This modality can be used on its own or in another session with most other bodywork and somatic coaching modalities. I even found it effective through virtual sessions, both giving and receiving, in combination with somatic coaching.

For more information on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, take a look at this page from the school I trained at, Colorado School of Energy Studies.

Click here to schedule a session - book "Integrative Bodywork & Energy Healing" and mention in the intake that you're interested in Craniosacral Therapy.

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