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Honoring what's here

Updated: Jan 17

Autumn. Letting go. Death.

We want to skip to the renewal part.

But what's here is a waxing and waning of descending temperatures, a dropping of the beautiful leaves, an influx of colds and illnesses. What's here is an invitation to go within, hibernate, rest. Seems difficult to do in a culture of make more money, be productive, socialize and connect.

Pausing, Listening and Reflecting are skills I learned in my 30s. I started to learn them in my teens when my mother got into Buddhism and I went with her to a meditation retreat, but it didn't really set in for me until my Biodynamic Craniosacral training. I hope they're teaching these skills in grade school now. Click here to read more about these skills.

What's here for me now is sadness, and wondering if I'll be left behind. A need to hold it all together and pretend I'm ok. A feeling of being separate and isolated. These are patterns I've held since I was a child.

What's it like to be with that? I can explain it away all day, analyzing and understanding it. But can I truly be present with a deep sense of loneliness? It feels like a loss, a deep pain within me. I want to cover it up with food. But as I sit with it, and feel the sensations of it in my body, something happens...

I follow what I sense, and more space opens in my body and mind. Being present and allowing the energy to flow through my body, I feel more connected to those around me. This is the gift of presence and embodiment, the gift of slowing down and allowing the analysis of the mind to take a back seat. The gift of honoring what's here now.

So what's here now for you, and are you ready to sit with it? Reach out if you need support - sometimes we can't be with the pain on our own.

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