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August 31, 2022

First journal entry upon moving to Asheville, NC:

I welcome:

  • Clarity

  • Joy in business

  • Power: True, Soul-aligned power

  • Ground

  • Health, pure Health

  • Communion with all of life

  • A true sense of HOME

Erin gets glittered in Colorado

March 8, 2024

Last entry in the same journal, as I fly back to Asheville from a trip to Colorado (where I grew up) in which I experience my sense of Home changing:


Where is it?


Ground. Health. Truth.

Home is feeling settled in one's own body. Home is feeling clear in who I am.

Home is health, ease, clarity.

Home is ground.

What is home?

Home is health.

Health is vitality, aliveness.

What creates this?

  • safety

  • knowing

  • trust

We look for places and people to help us find home.

Home is stability.

When those places or people are "taken" from us, we feel unstable.

So how do we create stability within ourselves, in order to feel at home, access home anywhere we go, with anyone we meet?

The core needs that feeling at home fulfill are stability, belonging, feeling welcome just as we are.

We can open up to intimacy easily when we feel at home.


Do you resonate?

What helps you feel at home?

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